British Empire Secularism

British Secularism is the paganism of old, similar to the darkness of the medieval

British Secularism is nothing more than the paganism of old, similar to the darkness of the medieval. It subscribes to no moral values and no principle of justice. It’s an ideology that has incorporated into the British political system all evil: corruption, immorality, decadence, deception, propaganda, lies, shamefulness, murder, killing, theft, robbery, magic, spell, and backstabbing.

Is there anything good that the British Secularism stands for?

The British Secularism is a calamity and tribulation that the world has to cope with. It’s a disease that needs to be taken seriously. Our children are not immune to this deadly disease.

Paganism means darkness and backwardness. That’s exactly what the British Secularism is: darkness and backwardness.

Sabri Lushi


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