There is no doubt that the world today is united, but united upon injustice and oppression and exploitation of the weak. The power today belongs to the British Secularism; it belongs to the USA, Russia and China – the axis of evil. They have nothing to offer to the world anymore except exploitation, propaganda, lies, theft, and oppression. With countries, typically the USA, Russia, China, Iran, India, under full control of the British Monarchy, the British Empire is stronger than ever.

Therefore, the oppressed people around the world, Muslims and non Muslims, in the West and in the East, black and white, Asians, Africans and Europeans, need to get united against the evil of Secularism and the axis of evil – the USA, Russia and China.

The oppressed people around the world need to be involved in a massive warfare, but not a warfare of weapons and bombs, but a warfare of ideas. The axis of evil – the USA, Russia and China, which are under full control of the British Monarchy, must be opposed uncompromisingly with ideas. Their oppression and control and financial exploitation have reached an unbearable level.

As of now, the world is without a political opposition. The Ukrainian war, which supposedly divided the world into two camps: NATO and Russia, proved to be a fraud and a lie. America, the EU, Russia and China have always been and will continue to be one group. They are part of the same political power, under the control of the British Monarchy, and they all subscribe to the British Secularism.

The theatrical political differences between the USA, Russia and China have one purpose: to distract the oppressed people around the world from getting united against the evil of Secularism. They want to suppress any other independent movement which could emerge as a necessary need against the evil of the British Secularism.

America, Russia and China cannot be trusted. They are one group and work together, especially against Muslims.

If Russia and China were independent powers, why don’t they leave the UN – a British founded global organization? The truth of the matter is that China and Russia will never leave the UN because they are the biggest supporters of the British Monarchy.

The world does not need a fake Ukrainian war, nor does it need propaganda and lies that the USA, Russia and China are offering us. The world is in dire need of a massive ideological warfare, where people should wake up, come up with ideas and expose the evil objectives of the British Secularism before it is too late. This obligation falls first and foremost on Muslims, who are the most oppressed people of this time. Muslims don’t have a country or an army to protect them. The only thing that they possess at this time is pens, so they should use whatever is at their disposal.

Sabri Lushi


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