British Empire

Nationalism is the mechanism that the British Empire used to occupy the whole world

It is so ironic that nationalism has been the biggest reason for people to break apart from their own empires, such as from the Ottoman Empire, and form their own countries, which was the mechanism that the British Empire has used to occupy the whole world, yet today, the same British Empire, the same British Monarchy and its appointed politicians around the world encourage people to leave their countries and end up as immigrants.

Clearly, the British Empire and its agents around the world have one objective: to keep the world destabilized and never settled. People should keep moving, whether due to the British sponsored wars or due to unemployment.

This is exactly what is taking place in Albania. The same nationalists, who boast about nationalism, about the independence, about the split from the Ottoman Empire, about the glorious West, the same British agents tell Albanians that our country has no future, so immigrate. It couldn’t be more ironic. That’s why I despise the British nationalism and I consider it a disease. Its purpose is to disturb and confuse people, not to build nations.


Sabri Lushi


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