British Empire

Nationalism is a disease spread around the world by the British Empire

There is no doubt that nationalism is a disease spread around the world by the British Empire in order to divide and conquer people. The reality shows that it has never been the right ideology for state formation and bringing people together. In fact, nationalism has been supported by the British Empire exactly because it doesn’t bring people together.

Nationalism, democracy, communism, socialism, Nazism, fascism, and liberalism are all invented or utilized by the British Empire in order to conquer the world, and they’ve been very successful so far.

Therefore, such ideologies should be exposed as forms of the British occupation in the hope that people might get united, especially Muslims, and give birth to a global movement of liberation from the British occupation, which is choking the world.

It is so sad to see Muslim spies and agents celebrating nationalist holidays just to please the British rulers. This shows how far the British humiliation has inflicted on the Muslim Ummah.

Muslims should not and ought not be nationalist, nor should they serve as spies and agents of the British and American pagans. This is one of the highest forms of humiliation.


Sabri Lushi


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