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Apart from the monopolistic position that Secularist governments have on the economy, education, science, laws, the court system, the military, we are seeing an increasing trend of direct control on people through direct payments, such as welfare and child support. As it is the case for the most western countries, many citizens live on welfare.

Also, due to AI and hi-tech technology, which means the replacement of human workforce, the western governments, such as the Canadian Government, are proposing a universal basic income for all citizens regardless of their employment status. This is another form of direct governmental payment, which is something completely new.

Therefore, it is only fair to raise some philosophical and existential questions about direct payments coming from a Secularist government: Are there consequences? Do the direct payments affect the ideology of people? Will this lead the world to an absolute dictatorship? What does actually mean for a government to make direct payments to citizens? Will human morality deteriorate? Will the political dissent die out? What is the solution to such possible problems?

I have personally reflected on such questions for a long time and thought of all possible consequences, and even have attempted to draw conclusions from the experience of many immigrants who receive child support and welfare from governments. As a Muslim, I believe that a modern government, which rules on a multifarious group of people – of different religions, ideologies, races, traditions and origins, the government’s role should be as minimal and purely administrative as possible.

Unfortunately, Secularist governments have proved to be not minimal and purely administrative, as the British Empire has promised the world. If we go back in history, many people were attracted by Secularism, including Muslims, because it appeared as a form of government which is purely administrative and which will not interfere ideologically, a promise which was first broken by the exportation of Communism around the world.

Anyway, I strongly believe that any kind of direct payment coming from the government is dangerous because it will breed slavery, humiliation, and extreme forms of conformity. People who receive direct money from the government will not be able to speak up against injustice. Besides, Secularist governments are ideologically motivated and are part of a global government, which is controlled by the British Monarchy, so governmental payments will impose on people a certain ideology, such as the British Secularism.

I am against any kind of direct money from the government, whether it is child support, welfare or universal basic income. Governmental money breeds dictatorship. Governments should create jobs, increase public speeding, but not giving people direct money, including child support.

Sabri Lushi


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