British Empire

The concept of the republic is an invention of the British Empire

There’s no doubt that the concept of the republic – that power belongs to people, democracy, communism, capitalism, corporation, corporate or judicial person, the United Nations, political parties, elections, and massive propaganda are inventions of the British Empire when it became dominant in the world, especially after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

For this reason, the dominant British Empire doesn’t need to raise its imperial flag in every country and city. There’s no need because its power is manifested by the above-mentioned political tools. All the above-mentioned political mechanisms make sense only as long as the British Monarchy continues to rule the world, otherwise, they’re senseless in and of themselves. The British Empire continues to lie to us all, to deceive us, to rule us, to steal our natural resources, to impose on us its laws and political agendas, to impose on us its political views and educational system, and to hold our future hostage. The political war of this despotic empire is no longer against tribes and political entities. That kind of war was over with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The war of this empire is against individuals, independent thinkers, and independent scholars while Muslims and Islam will never reconcile with this pagan and atheist empire.


Sabri Lushi


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