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One of the perplexing questions which has often baffled me is about the spread of the British Secularism over the world. Its political success, if I may call it so, does not match with what it has to offer to the world.

The British Secularism does not offer to the world moral values, for decadence and cynicism have torn apart the social fabric of humanity. Nor does it offer to the world justice and fairness. The British Secularism stimulates and nourishes the most negative and abnormal forms of behavior: lies, selfishness, self-delusion, drugs, alcohol, waste of time and wealth, individualism, betrayal, espionage, dishonesty, arrogance, division, lack of integrity, lack of constructive communication, injustice, relativism of everything, materialism, and again, lies, lies and lies.

The British Secularism, which is the political ideology of the British Empire, which consists of many branches and strands, such as communism, socialism, democracy, Stalinism, liberal, conservative, Nazism, fascism etc., did not spread over the world because it offered appealing values to nations. It did not spread because it brought justice and solutions to people’s problems. On the contrary, the British Secularism has caused the world irreparable damage; it has destroyed family and the most fundamental social values. It has spread atheism. It has destroyed the economical freedom of people and turned them into slaves and dependent on the state.

The British Secularism was not embraced by anyone because they truly believed in it.

Then, how did it spread so massively if it was so negative and bad?

In my view, if we look at many historical facts of the 20th century, we will notice that it spread by sword. There is no single case when this ideology was accepted peacefully and willingly by people.

It started particularly with France. After a bloody war of the British Empire against it and the execution of Louis XVI in 1793, the British Secularism became the official religion of France. During this occupying war, countless of French people died.

In addition, the British Secularism spread in North America by wars and executions, by wiping out the native people, and by destroying families. The American Civil War (1861-1865) was another unholy crusade of British Secularism in North America.

The 20th century wars, such as WWI, WWII, the fall of the Ottoman Empire and many other kingdoms, the dictatorship of Mussolini, the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the bloody communist wars in Russia, China, East Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, all of these are examples of the British unholy crusades in order to spread communism and the British Secularism to the world.

British Secularism also taught the world that humans are but animals. It taught the world that there is no God and no truth, but anarchy and meaninglessness. Indeed, this marks the second fall of man.

Sabri Lushi


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