British Empire

The British spies

When I was watching some ten years ago the French mini series “Napoleon” (2002), there is a scene when Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, known simply as Talleyrand, who was a well-known British spy, is introduced to Napoleon, and during their conversation he says, “people tell me that you’re not afraid of anything.” Napoleon replies, “of one thing: stupidity.”

“Oh, then you must tremble every day of your life,” says Talleyrand.

Regardless of being very misleading as a biographical movie and about the concept of republic, and not sure if this has been based on any of Napoleon’s authentic sayings, I like the answer though.

If I were asked the same question, if I am afraid of anything, I would say, “of one thing: spies, especially of the British spies.”

Then I must tremble every day of my life.

Sabri Lushi


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