British Empire


One of the goals of the formation of the US clown republic by the barbaric British Empire was to oppress free speech and critical voices, either by censoring them or by imprisonment and wars.
Four independent blogs of my brother Nderim Lushi and mine, namely,

have been frequently attacked by the CIA terrorist organization. They’ve attempted to discreetly delete articles. The UK Government, the Canadian Government, and the US Clown State can block all these blogs and ban our online publications, but such immoral governments don’t want to appear as enemies of free speech. They don’t want to appear as if they care about what we write.

It is clear that the British Monarchy, the UK Government, the corrupt Canadian Government, and the US Clown Republic cannot tolerate free speech. They cannot tolerate independent online publications because they represent the corruption of the world; they represent the injustice and oppression. Their hands are covered in blood. In reality, they’re not in a position to defend free speech. They have no justice, no dignity, no morality and principles.

The terrorist British Empire and the corrupt British Royal Family have promoted free speech only when they needed to bring down the Ottoman Empire and subjugate Muslims. They’ve never defended free speech because they really believed in it.

The British Monarchy is but the symbol of hypocrisy, tyranny, oppression, barbarism and immorality.

In my view, the CIA should be declared a terrorist organization and a threat to the stability of the world, and the US embassies should be expelled from every single country of the world as they represent a clown and irresponsible republic. By exposing the US Government as a clown state and lap dog of the British Monarchy is the right action. This clown state is a threat to our dignity, freedom, and well being.

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