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Overthrowing governments is not a real concern

Overthrowing governments is not a real concern in a world that is ruled by one central government. In addition, the access that people have to weapons and their ability to manufacture military equipment, such as planes, tanks, bombs, rockets, missiles, aircraft carriers, radars, and other hi-tech military equipment is near zero compared the capability of the modern military that governments have access to. Therefore, expressing so much concern about the danger of people overthrowing governments is irrelevant and dangerously exaggerated, not to say, vicious.

The cases of terrorist groups and rebellion against governments are in reality all orchestrated and supported by the US Government, the CIA and the UK Government. Pointing the finger at ordinary people and blaming them for something that is organized by governments themselves is dishonest, immoral and very misleading.

The question is not whether people should rebel against their governments, because they cannot anyway – they don’t have the military capabilities, but the true questions are:

How can we defend ourselves and our families and properties from governments, which are so powerful? How can defend ourselves and our families and properties from the global government and the British barbarism? How can we defend ourselves and our families and properties from the CIA? How can we defend ourselves and our families and properties from the intelligence service and spies that have penetrated in every family and every corner of the world?

The ordinary people and the masses are not the problem. The biggest threat of our time is the government, which is extremely powerful, which has the monopoly on the economy, jobs, businesses, weapons, law making, the law courts, the educational system, land and natural resources, the control of families and children, information and the media, and on top of that, the intelligence service and the highly effective network of spies.

Governments pose the biggest threat to our lives and the lives of our children. They pose the biggest threat to our prosperity and our economy.

Blaming the people, that somehow they are the problem and the threat, is absolutely immoral and dishonest. Only a person who is completely distanced from the reality or living under a delusion or a governmental agent can say that.

However, we – the people, have access to only one powerful weapon that we can use to defend ourselves and our families and properties from the government, and that is, intellectual activity. We should use the free speech and public communication in order to protect ourselves from governments. We should train ourselves to be good at communication and intellectual activity in order to mitigate the danger of modern governments, which operate under a British Global Government and the British Monarchy. Communication and public, not secret, cooperation are the only way to survive under this British tyranny which is causing havoc on the world.

Sabri Lushi


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