British Empire


I’ve always had contempt for people who play the role of the opposition, who speak big words, but empty. In fact, the most dangerous individuals under the British Secularism are those who appear on the side of the opposition, but they’re no more than undercover agents of the British Empire, or the British Monarchy for that matter, whose goal is to neutralize any real opposition voices.

A typical of such undercover agents is the Russian President Vladimir Putin. For all those who abhor the USA and the Great Britain for their injustice and corruption, for their oppression and financial exploitation of the world, there is a political alternative for them, that is, Putin – one of the most famous British agents who has been so effective in deceiving millions around the world, including Muslims.

He does not represent a new alternative, nor is he able to restrict the British and American barbarism. Putin is merely a British agent and a cog on the wheel – the Global Government.

It is not a coincidence that Russia, or USSR before, has never fought any war against the British Empire and the USA; not even one, yet Putin -this British agent, claims to be an alternative power to the West. Russia is not an alternative power, but a complementary part of the British Empire’s political machine. Both Russia and the USA are clown states, founded and controlled by the British Monarchy.

Sabri Lushi

Putin and Queen Elizabeth


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