British Empire

An image of the Ukrainian theatrical and British orchestrated war

An image of the Ukrainian theatrical and British orchestrated war. Under the British control, wars are not anymore a battle between two camps, but military operations in order to achieve the vicious objectives, such as dislocation of population, control of natural resources, control and monopoly of agriculture, control of energy, and using the opportunity to get rid of political enemies.

As Putin puts it – this British spy, the Ukrainian war is merely a military operation. He’s right. It’s not a war between the West and Russia.

The Ukrainian war has nothing to do with Russia’s concern of security and safety. Russia is the biggest puppet state of the British Empire. It has been built and controlled by the British Empire all along. In this regard, Russia is a very dangerous country and a mischievous actor in the international arena because it is the biggest support of the British vicious policies. It has always been doing the dirty job of the British Monarchy.

Putin and Zelenskyy, as well as other western leaders are equally vicious and equally barbaric. They are the same elite who are holding the whole world hostage and who are serving none other than the British Monarchy.

Sabri Lushi


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