British Empire

Serbia was founded by a member of the British Royal Family

If Serbia had not been founded by a member of the British Royal Family, and if that country were not under the control of the American tyrants, I would have preferred to live with the Serbian Orthodox people a thousand times more than to live under the American and British atheists and terrorists. Those Albanian fools who think that America is our friend, the problem with such ignorant people is that they don’t know the meaning of freedom.

By the way, even according to the mythological figure of Skanderbeg, who was invented by the British experts of propaganda, the freedom is not granted, but one has to fight to gain it. So, saying that the British barbarians and the American terrorists gave us freedom is absurd. In 1912, the British Empire did not give us freedom, for we were free, but they occupied us. America is our enemy.

Sabri Lushi


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