British Empire

The western barbarians – the British Empire and the US Government

The western barbarians, I mean, the British Empire and the US Government – the pagans, will never cease provoking Muslims. They are our enemies, yet such pagans use others to provoke us, such as Jews and other nationalities, as it is taking place in north Kosovo. The British pagans have no sense of morality and human dignity. That’s why it is very important for Muslims to know their enemy and their strategies that they use to distract and provoke us. The British barbarians will not stop fighting against Muslims until Islam is wiped out. We should never trust barbarians. We should never rely on them. We should never trust spy regimes which are installed by the British pagans. It is our duty to warn other Muslims of the agendas of the British Empire and the US Government. It is a pressing need for Muslims to get united and increase the community cohesion in order to face the American and British enemies. At the same time, it is becoming clearer that Muslims have no future in the western lands; therefore, fleeing from such unjust and barbaric lands is a must for whoever can afford. The future of Muslims cannot be built in unsafe and unjust lands, which have served so far as a trap for Muslim immigrants. Western countries are ruled by spy regimes, where governmental control is incredible.

My sincere advice to all Muslims who live in the West is to do their best to flee from such unjust countries, where anti-Muslim agendas are evident.

Sabri Lushi


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