Muslim identity against the British Rule

Holidays are a good time of reflection and pondering on the year which we left behind. The world is as beautiful, interesting, and complex as it is absurd. It becomes even more absurd when we see that western spy regimes claim to be democratic, and claim to uphold human rights. Such spy regimes have no problem to claim grotesquely anything they want because their actions and politics are not restricted by any code of morality. That’s why they lie without even considering it a problem.

Actually, it’s not only the fault of the western barbarians and spy regimes as much as it is the fault of Muslims who have failed to present to the world the real model. There is no vacuum in the battle of politics. Muslims are to be blamed for letting barbarians not only destroy their countries and societies, but also allowing them – the pagans – dominate the world.

That’s why I truly believe that Muslims need to come up with a strategy of surviving against the western barbarians and the British Rule.

First and foremost, Muslims should be aware that their primary identity is Islam. The British Rule and the western barbarians don’t fight against them because they are Arab, Indian, Turk, African, Persian, or Albanian. They are targeted primarily because they are Muslims. It’s their religion which makes them a target, not nationality.

Of course, the western liars are not supposed to say this. On the contrary, they have formed a world of politics to hide exactly this fact, a strategy which is working for them.

Sabri Lushi


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