Canada: businesses to charge customers credit card fees up to 2.4%

The corrupt Prime Minister of Canada and the Minister of Finance will allow businesses to charge customers credit card fees up to 2.4%. If the credit cards are used to purchase a daily amount of $1B, the customers might end up paying a 25 million dollars extra. This is part of the Affordable Policy that the corrupt Canadian Prime Minister has recently started to implement.

In my view, the problem does not lie with the corrupt Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance. The problem is that Canada is an absolute monarchy. Technically, the Head of State, which is known in Canada as Governor General – who is the direct representative of the King, should call the Prime Minister to her office, along with the Minister of Finance and the Leader of the Opposition, and tell them, “You’re all fired!

The corrupt Prime Minister of Canada is worried about democracy, about women’s rights around the worlds, about genitalia and the definition of women, about the rule of law in other countries. This is absolutely a shame.

Again, the number one responsibility is for the Head of State. We have a corrupt head of state, a true dictatorship. The money and the wealth of Canadians is stolen each and every day, through high and non-transparent taxes, inflation, high prices, and all kind of fees – the most recent one is the new credit card charges, but no one speaks about this.

The problem with such barbaric politicians is that they know very well that they control the population to the extreme through a highly organized network of spies, that’s why they act so irresponsible.

Last, but not least, shame one the corrupt leader of the opposition. We should congratulate them for having installed in the society a tightly knit business elite that control everything. Indeed, Canada is everything but democracy.

Sabri Lushi


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