I believe that Albania has the highest spending per capita on the media and propaganda worldwide. Unfortunately, many media outlets, journalists, propagandists and political pundits are financed by corrupt foreign governments. In my view, the US Government, with its corrupt money, poses the biggest threat to our democracy and our economy. Not only does this undermine our so-called independence, but this is crushing our hope for a better future. There is no doubt that the US Government is the enemy of human rights and the rule of law, so all the funding coming from the corrupt US Government is a direct threat to our people.

Again, it is not wrong to say that all the media in Albania is controlled by the corrupt US Government. That’s why Albania has no democracy and no free speech. The American barbarism is the major problem which the world is facing today; it is the imminent catastrophe that has inflicted all of us. We cannot even begin to imagine the harm that the American barbarism has caused the human society. Indeed, it is the job of the American people, first and foremost, to confront their corrupt government, which is behind all the corruption that we see in the world.

Sabri Lushi


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