Albania continues to export renewable energy to the West

Albania continues to export renewable energy to the West while Albanians struggle to make ends meet. Millions of dollars are stolen every day whereas Albanian citizens are told to abandon their own country. The western injustice done to the Albanian people will come to an end, soon or late. The Albanian Government and those westerners who steal our wealth should not think that the solution is by giving money or jobs to a few Albanians in order to divide and conquer. This is the strategy of the British that has destroyed our country, but this devilish strategy will not work forever. It is exposed already. Soon the time will come when Albanian citizens will identify every governmental official as an enemy and traitor, so they will be afraid to even walk freely on the Albanian streets.

We Albanians have the God-given right to live in our own country, to benefit from our massive hydropower and other natural recourses, to hold onto our culture and way of living, to defend our land with any legal way possible, including taking to court western embassies in Tirana. The British and American injustice in Albania should come to an immediate end. Albanian land and resources belong to the native Albanians, not to the British and American capitalists and communists.


Sabri Lushi


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