The Albanian Prime Minister – regardless of the name chosen by the American Empire to sit on that chair, is praised by the western media for having accepted Afghan refugees.

Technically, the obligation and responsibility of the Prime Minister of Albania and his government are to help the Albanian people first and foremost, to take care of the Albanian people, to guarantee the Albanian people some minimum standards of living, justice, peace, security of their lives, finances, jobs, properties, families, children, education, and personal data – if you wish.

Albanians, unless they are ‘friends’ or servants of the State, are treated like shit by the Albanian Government, regardless of who is prime minister. Once a secret state, Albania continues to be a politically experimental country.

What the Prime Minister of Albania has done by brining the Afghan refugees is simply cleaning up the mess of an aggressive was that Albania had nothing to do with. Those who attack other countries and turn them into the Stone Age, they should do the clean up, not Albania.

Yes, helping other fellow human beings is a noble act of humanity, but the clean up of aggressive and illegitimate wars should be done by aggressors, not Albanians. To be clear: I am not against the Afghan refugees per se.

Albanians are treated like shit by this government and any other government, regardless of the political party.

It is the Albanian government that has forced our people to leave their own country over the last thirty years, yet it is praised for helping Afghans.

It is the Albania governments which have turned the country into a mess over the last three decades, yet we are able to clean up the mess of the aggressive wars.

It is this Prime Minister that encouraged Albanians in 2013 to go to fight in Syria, “to fight against the Butcher of the Middle East” as he said literally in 2013 in his inaugural speech, yet soon the Albanian Government introduced a law that made it illegal for anyone participating in wars in other countries. Look at the misleading and betrayal techniques of such governments – under the orders of the American Empire.

Albanians have no obligation to participate in any war, neither in Syria, nor in Afghanistan or any other countries that the Empire has chosen to turn into the Stone Ages, which coincidentally always it happens to be a Muslim country.

Albanians also have no obligation and no responsibility to clean up the mess of the aggressive and illegitimate wars of others.

The Albanian Prime Minister – regardless of the name chosen by the American Empire, has one legal, political and moral obligation: to take care of the Albanian people, who, by the way, are treated like shit, they are treated like shit in Albania by the Albanian Government, and they are treated like shit in the West as well.

Sabri Lushi


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