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There is no single government or leader of any Arab country that represents people

Speaking of Arab people, who make up a great portion of the world’s population, who have a tremendous and strategic role in the global arena, who have inherited a very important historical past, I would say that there is no single government or leader of any Arab country that represents people, or who is in power with their people’s approval.

Arab people are led and ruled by trained spies and agents of their Western Allies.

This is the elephant in the room, indeed. The ordinary Arab people know this. But, there are some important truths in this life that we need to be reminded of. People have the tendency to forget unpleasant things, and so do my Arab friends.

Can the Arab people change their leaders? Absolutely not. The military planes would fill their skies in no time by the missionaries of democracy. It’s the biggest mistake to attempt to change the leaders, and I mean this in the most sincere way. That is fatal. Just teach the truth, for it will do its job naturally.

They cannot change their designated vicegerents – trained spies and agents, but at least they can teach the truth to their children, of course in a very discreet way because the Arab tyrannical regimes, especially Saudi Arabia, are very good at imprisoning innocent people.

A good portion of oil revenues goes for prison infrastructure and the whole apparatus of persecution, of course, in the name of unity. At least, they are sincere in this part. They have omitted the slogan “human rights”, probably because Arab people are sober enough to detect the absurdity and the paradox, had their leaders been using meaningful slogans for meaningless purposes, as sometimes do our western comrades.

I forgot, in order to get rid of problematic people, those who tell the truth to their children – that their lands are ruled by spies and agents, they start a war in the Middle East once in a while, again, for one purpose only: to get rid of specific people in a very organized way, albeit it looks chaotic from the perspective of an untrained eye. Maybe this is done for the right reason. The prisons are full. It’s expensive to run all of them.

Wish all the best to the ordinary Arab people!

Sabri Lushi


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